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NCAA tournament bracket simulator

The idea behind this site is to assign each team a number of virtual ping-pong balls that are used to determine the relative strength of each team. That way you can account for how you would feel about a 3rd round matchup between a, say, #6 Marquette and a #7 Kentucky way back on opening week, and you don't have to individually think through all the possible bracket matchups that will happen after the 1st round.

You can assign a team any number of virtual ping-pong balls between 1-200. The computer will fill in your bracket by randomly picking between any 2 given teams, weighted by their number of ping-pong balls. So say for instance team A and team B each have 100 ping-pong balls assigned to them. If they play each other the computer will randomly chose 50/50 the winner each time. Now add team C that you assign 50 ping-pong balls to. If team C plays team A, then Team A will be expected to win 66.6% of the time (100 balls to 50 balls). If you also have a team D that you assign 200 ping-pong balls to, then the math would look like this

This way even a #16 seed having 1 ball at least has a chance - but the chance to win the whole tournament becomes very small

Got it? Good! Now get busy assigning your ratings to the teams and have the computer build your bracket for you! You may even win Buffet's million dollars for life!

Got it? Good! Now go back to the main page and put in your ratings! and site by Neville Aga
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